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Jess Kowalski, LMT

Massage Therapy, Repurposed Creations & Community Building

Located in North Conway, NH & somewhere out West (someday)...

"Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion."
- bell hooks, 'All About Love'

Massage Therapy

Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury, stay fit for outdoor activities, relax on vacation or simply de-stress - I can provide you with holistic massage services to support your well-being. My approach is trauma informed to ensure that you are both comfortable and able to relax in a safe and compassionate environment.


I currently work locally at the following establishments in the MWV of New Hampshire, and in a private space for friends and family.

Click below to schedule, or contact me directly.

About Me

Hey! My name is Jess (they/them). I love massage therapy because touch in its simplest form has the power to deeply heal. I decided to go to massage school after taking a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course, and experiencing how impactful massage therapy and strength training combined can be in healing both bodily injuries and the nervous system. I am interested in the space between neuroscience, somatic healing, trauma informed touch, and activism. 

I create and sell repurposed jewelry (@juiceb0xcreations), organize a book club and community building events (@alloutdoorscollective), do some LGBT+ consulting, and work for International Mountain Equipment & the International Mountain Climbing School as a guide providing affinity spaces for the LGBT+ community in the MWV.


I enjoy swimming, biking, climbing, hiking, rafting, zines, sitting on the floors of book stores, laughing, dancing, being covered in dirt, playing with friends, and watching things grow. I may be found lurking around icicles, mountains, deserts, farms, puddles of water of all sizes, food, or art supplies.


I’d love to work with you towards your goals, and to help you feel more attuned in your body!


Juice B0x Creations

I make doodles and I turn old climbing and biking gear into new and unique jewelry. My passion for movement outdoors has inspired me to create repurposed and recycled funky goods. All of my jewelry is handmade, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

If you or anyone you know has retired or unused climbing gear, send me a message and your gear can have a new life as a custom-made piece of jewelry.

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